Research On Non Tillage Farming


Coordinated by Love Green Nepal (LGN)  and Love Green Japan (LGJ), the Yokohama National University (YNU) initiated research on Non-tillage Agriculture with Weed Management in 4 sites of Kavrepalanchok district, nemely: Kavre VDC, Devitar VDC and Bakhreldihi and Anaikot of Panchakhal Municipality.

Professor Dr. Nobuhiro Kaneko, Research Associates Mr. Jumpei Kimura and Mr. Binay Sangat of YNU along with LGN staff members Executive Director Mr. Gore Kaji Sangat, Program Officer Mr. Narayan Geywali, IPM Facilitators Mr. Devi Prasad Gautam, Mr. Govind Pandey, Intern Ms. Prasanna Shrestha, and leader farmers engaged in establishing the research sites.

After taking an initial soil samples the team planted Bush Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) in the research plots. The purposes of the research are have been as follow:

1. Introduce Conservation Agriculture (CA) focused on Non-tillage Weed Management to Nepali small farmers.

2. Make the small farmers benefit from the outcomes of the research by YNU.

3. Contribute to relieve Nepali agriculture sector from acute shortage of non-skilled agriculture manpower due to continued out-migration.le

Sept 30-Oct 1, 2015 – Follow-up Visit:

Under the follow up visit, the YNU team consisting of Prof. Dr. Nobuhiro Kaneko and M.Sc. student Binay Sangat visited the above mentioned research sites and collected soil samples. The soil samples will be analyzed in YNU lab.

Following the harvest of bush beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L) , cauliflower (Snow Mystique F1 (Brassica oleracea)) has been planted in the research plots in all 4 sites.

On the occasion, Prof. Kaneko provided necessary guidance for managing the Non-tillage Weed Management plots to the farmers and LGN staff members.

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