Periodic Review and Interaction Program

Love Green Nepal held a Periodic Review and Interaction Program under Environment Friendly Integrated Sustainable Agriculture Development Project (EFISADP) on December 26, 2018 at Panchkhal, Kavre. Including the Mayor, the Officials, the Ward Chairpersons of Panchkhal Municipality, the Intellectuals, the Journalists and the Leader Farmers, a total of 92 person were participated in the program. The General Secretory of LGN, Mr. Rajiv Ratna Shakya chaired the program.

Executive Director of LGN presented the activities conducted, challenges and future strategy for the implementation of the project in the program. Leader Farmers shared their achievements realized through the implementation of the projects. The Ward Chairpersons of Panchkhal Municipality expressed thanks for the positive impact of the Project. Similarly, The Senior Administrative Officer of Panchkhal Municipality appreciated the working procedures of the LGN.

The Mayor of Panchkhal Municipality emphasized that the use of chemical fertilizer & pesticides should be reduced with joint effort of Panchkhal Municipality & LGN.

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