Janata Higher Secondary School Girl Student Hostel Building Construction Project, Siraha

Background of Janata Higher Secondary School

Janata Higher Secondary School was established as a primary school at Nawarajpur VDC, Ward No.3, Siraha district in 1954.  Gradually this school was promoted to lower secondary and secondary level and finally it was promoted to the Higher Secondary level in the year 2010.

This school is located along Hulaki Sadak (Postal Road) and maintains a distance of 4 km from Indian border whereas district headquarters Siraha lies at 20 km west and Lahan municipality is 17 km north from the School.

Among the existing physical facilities, a total of 12 classrooms, 1 office room, 1 library room, two sectioned toilet and 1 science lab were constructed by Love Green Nepal in 2008 under the grassroots grant assistance of the Government of Japan

The number of students at present engaged in studying from grade 1 to 12 in the school totals 1026. Among them 55% are girl students. The encouraging trend in the school now is increasing enrollment of the girl students each year. It is indeed the challenge to the school to retain the girl students till the completion of higher secondary education, creating the suitable girl students friendly environment in the school.

One of pressing constrains is that the girls studying in the school are compelled to take hours of walks to get to school and return from the school when the classes are over. This situation is creating a physical hurdle and a psychological discomfort to the girl students. As a result, the girl students are not able to give a proper attention to their study. They also feel insecure while returning to their home after school in the late evening due to long course of walk.

In the given situation, construction of a hostel with a capacity of accommodating at least 24 girl students seemed to have been an indispensable for promoting girl education in the VDC by ensuring secured situation for the village girls.

The under-construction hostel will consists of a total of 20 rooms which are inclusive of 8 common rooms, 2 toilet and bathroom, 2 dinning & dish washing room, 1 kitchen, 1 store, 2 laundry room, 1 reading room, and 1 warden/waiting room.

The hostel building is being constructed by Love Green Nepal by mobilizing members of the Hostel Building Construction Committee and team of mason and labors with the fund provided by the Government of Japan under the grassroots grant assistance program .

Objectives of the Project

  • Downtrodden and scheduled caste girls in Navarajpur VDC are encouraged to pursue and complete higher secondary level education in Janata Higher Secondary School.
  • Status of girl education and literacy in Navarajpur VDC is enhanced through provision of secured and well managed hostel facility.
  • Basis of vocational education for girls in Janata Higher Secondary School is laid down.

Expected Effects of the Project

The successful completion of the hostel construction will ensure secured shelter and accommodation for the village girls belonging to downtrodden and scheduled caste who come to school from a distant location in Navarajpur and other neighboring VDCs.

It will provide them an opportunity to complete education upto higher secondary level without any physical and psychological hindrance which has been there for a long time. This situation has been the factor behind low enrollment and dropping out of the girl students from the school in the past.

Enhanced security and accommodation facility will encourage the girl students to pursue and complete higher secondary level education in Janata Higher Secondary School.

Finally, cumulative effect of the proposed project will result in increased literacy rate and enhanced educational status of Navarajpur VDC. Similarly, it will pave a way towards fulfilling of introduction of vocational training in the school which has been conceived since a long time.

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Signing of MOU with the School Management Committee



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