Highlights of past activities

Highlights of the Past Achievements:

 1.5 million fuel-wood, fodder and fruit (3F) tree seedlings distributed to/ planted by 5000 plus farming households, 20 community forests and local institutions in the 10 VDCs of the project site in Kavrepalanchok, Makwanpur and Sindhupalchok.

 The following facilities developed in 46 schools
262 classrooms, 22 toilets, 22 drinking water, and 37 set of furniture, 1125
number of trees were planted.

 345 girl students from low income families directly benefited through scholarship and capacity development projects and 100 plus those students linked to jobs.

 Sustainable agriculture practices (IPM/Organic) introduced among 1200 farmers in Kavrepalanchok, Sindhupalchok and Makwanpur districts.

 Associated farmers have been able to reduce 80 % of chemical pesticide and 50% of chemical fertilizer in farming under sustainable agriculture practices.

 1800 toilet attached biogas plants constructed in 5 VDCs of Panchkhal valley of Kavre districts and 2 VDCs of Makanwanpur, and Sindhupalchok districts.

 1500 plus national and international guests visited and stayed in homestay under Ecotourism homestay program initiated in Patlekhet VDC of Kavre district.

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