Executive Committee

Executive Committee*:

  1. Mr. Keshab Aryal, President
  2. Mr. Saroj Adhikari, Vice-President
  3. Ms. Amira Dali, General Secretary
  4. Ms. Aju Giri, Treasurer
  5. Mr. Mahendra Shrestha, Member
  6. Mr. Shiva Kumar Basnet, Member
  7. Ms. Neelam Tuladhar, Member
  8. M4. Ritesh Lamichhane, Member
  9. Mr. Rajiv Ratna Shakya, Member

(*Effective from  September 5, 2015)

Staff strength:
A team of 20 staff headed by Executive Director Mr. Gore Kaji Sangat is engaged in formulating, implementing and executing projects and holding day-to-day overall administrative functions of the institution.

  1. Mr. Gore Kaji Sangat -Executive Director
  2. Mr. Narayan Prasad Geywali -Program Officer
  3. Mr. Shekhar Basnet -Admin./Account Officer
  4. Mr. Khim Prasad Koirala -Overseer (Civil Construction)
  5. Mr. Devi Prasad Gautam -IPM Master Trainer
  6. Mr. Govind Parajuli -Field Coordinator
  7. Mr. Govind Pandey -Field Coordinator
  8. Mr. Deep Chandra Budha -Field Supervisor
  9. Mr. Ishwari Dhakal, Field Supervisor (Civil Construction)
  10. Mr. Amber Shrestha -Nursery In-charge
  11. Mr. Bharat Shrestha -Nursery Technician
  12. Ms. Sumitra Shrestha -Computer Instructor
  13. Ms. Yesoda Rai -Computer Instructor
  14. Ms. Sanjay Tamang -Chauffer
  15. Ms. Anita Maharjan -Office Assistant
  16. Mr. Krishna Pahari -Office Assistant (Security)
  17. Mrs. Chandika Bika -Farm Worker
  18. Mr. Ram Prasad Timilsina -Farm Worker

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