World Environment Day Tree Plantation (2017)

विश्व वातावरण दिवसका अवसरमा पाँचखाल नगरपालिका स्थित काजीको तथा धैरेनी सामुदायिक वनमा लवग्रीन नेपाल, वन उपभोक्ता समिति तथा उपभोक्ताहरु, नव प्रतिभा माध्यमिक विद्यालय परिवार, तीनपिप्ले युवा क्लव तथा स्थानिय बासिन्दाहरुव्दारा संयुक्त रुपमा वृक्षरोपण गरियो ।

A joint tree plantation program was organized on the occasion of World Environment Day. A total of 100 different varieties of tree seedlings including Michania champaka, Cinnamomum tamala, Cinnamom camphora,Ginkgo biloba,Cinnamomum tamala, etc. were planted on the occasion. The participating organization were Love Green Nepal, Kajiko and Dhaireni Community Forest and Tinpiple Youth Club and students from Jorpati Secondary School and Nava Pratibha Secondary School. Executive Director of Love Green Nepal Mr. Gore Kaji Sangat spoke on the importance of tree plantation for nature conservat


LGN held a special tree plantation program on 14th Nov. 2016 to mark the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Nepal and Japan. On the occasion, Japanese guests from sister NPO AWCEF Japan namely President Mr. Wada Soichi, General Secretary Ms. Teruyo Otsuka and 14 other distinguished AWCEF members. LGJ President Mr. Masao Aikawa, LGN President Mr. Keshab Aryal, Vice-president Mr. Saroj Adhikari, General Secretary Ms. Amira Dali, Treasurer Ms. Aju Giri, Executive Members Mr. Shiva Basnet, Mr. Mahendra Shrestha, Ms. Neelam Tuladhar, and Executive Director Mr. Gore Kaji Sangat and members of Faskot Sundar Community Forest took part in planting trees.

A total of 60 grown up trees and 20 flowering plants were planted in the Faskot Sundar Community Forest at Patlekhet village of Kavrepalanchok district.

On Nov 14, 20156; LGN held its Silver Jubilee in Himalayan Horizon Hotel, Dhulikhel amidst a special ceremony. Among the guests presented in the celebration were AWCEF President Mr. Wada Soichi, General Secretary Ms. Teruyo Otsuka and 14 other distinguished AWCEF members. Chief Guest of the ceremony was Parliament Member Mr. Bidur Prasad Sapkota. LGJ President Mr. Masao Aikawa, LGN Executive Members, LGN Staff members, the members of the Empowered Ladies Group, other senior and junior scholarship students, line agency representatives and journalists were among others participated in the program.

A special event in the celebration was Success Story Presentation by 6 senior and former scholarship students namely, Ms. Hasana Shrestha, Ms. Jaya Paudyal, Ms. Kalika Nepali, Ms. Sita Devi Danuwar and Ms. Lila Humagain. Similarly, group of scholarship recipient students performed Nepali dances.

Special Guest Mr. Wada and LGN President Mr. Keshab Aryal made public the booklet entitled : Success Stories of Students under Love Green Nepal, Nepal Educational Scholarship Fund. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Wada highlighted the importance of Nepal-Japan relationship and friendship being promoted from non-government and people’s level. Chief Guest Honorable Parliament member Mr. Sapkota expressed his thankfulness to Japanese government and NGOs for development cooperation being extended to Nepal. LGN president Mr. Aryal expressed deep gratitude to LGN’s Japanese sister organizations : Love Green Japan, AWCEF Japan, Chautary Japan, and JICA for continued partnership in social development activities jointly carried out in Nepal.

LGN Treasurer Ms. Aju Giri delivered her welcome speech and LGN General Secretary Ms. Amira Dali and Executive Director Mr. Gore Kaji Sangat conducted the Silver Jubilee program.

A team of delegation led by Hon. Advisor of AWCEF Ms. Mieko Kamimoto, Member of House of Councillors of Japanese Parliament paid a goodwill visit to Nepal. Other members of the team were Ms. Otsuka Teruyo and Ms. Ogishima Sanae. The visiting team inspected school buildings constructed by Love Green Nepal with AWCEF funding at Bachhala Devi Lower Secondary School, Dhulikhel Municipality Ward No. 12; Hanuman Higher Secondary School, Patlekhet VDC and Kali Devi Secondary School, Patlekhet VDC.


Hon. Mieko Kamimoto shaking hand with the scholarship recipient students Roji Danuwa after handing over scholarship amount

On the occasion, an interaction program with the scholarship recipient girl students was also held in LGN Field Office at Bakhreldihi Panchakhal.  In the program, Hon. Mieko Kamimoto handed over 2nd installment of scholarship amount to the students. LGN provides scholarship to 50 girl students this educational year. It has been carrying out capacity development program for the students. Both the activities have been funded by AWCEF Japan.

LGN General Secretary Ms. Amira Dali, Executive Director Mr. Gore Kaji Sangat, Scholarship Program Coordinators Ms. Sumitra Shrestha and Ms. Yasoda Rai participated in both school visit and interaction program.


Group photo after handing over scholarship amount to the girl students

MOU for Girls’ Hostel Construction Signed:

A tripartite Memorandum of Understanding  was signed on the 19th April 2015 between Janata Higher Secondary School, its Management Committee and Love Green Nepal for constructing a girls hostel with funding from the GGP Scheme of the Japanese Embassy of Japan in Nepal. LGN Executive Director Mr. Gore Kaji Sangat signed the MOU on behalf of LGN.

A total of 14 room hostel will be constructed within a time frame of 1 year. The Embassy of Japan has provided a grant in tune with US$ 100,000 for the implementation of this project.


Signing of MOU


Group Photo After MOU Signing

Tripartite MOU Signed for School Building Construction:

A tripartite MOU signed between Love Green Nepal, Janahit Higher Secondary School and Dapcha Kashikhanda Municipality for the construction of 4 room school building and provision of required set of classroom furniture for Janahit Higher Secondary School in Dapcha.

Similarly another tripartite MOU signed between Love Green Nepal, Nava
Pratibha Secondary School and Panchakhal Municipality for the construction of 6 room school building and provision of required set of classroom furniture for Nava Pratibha Secondary School in Panchkhal Municipality. The MOU was singed by LGN Executive Director Mr. Gore Kaji Sangat, Panchkhal Municipality Chief Mr. Dev Raj Chaulagain and School Management Committee Chairman Mr. Rudra Bahadur Baniya.

Financial assistance in tune with Rs. 2,300,000 and Rs. 31,50,000 for the respective school construction projects has been committed to provide by Elsereine Japan 1% Club through Japanese NPO Chautary Japan.

It is expected that a total of 500 students in the both schools will directly benefited from the project.


MOU Signing at Nava Pratibha Secondary School


MOU signing at Janahit Secondary School


Please Extend Helping Hand to the Victims of Great Earthquake 2015

On 25 April, 2015 Nepal was hit by 7.9 magnitude tremor and several aftershocks. Till date, the earthquake death toll has surpassed 5,000 according Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal. The number of injured people crossed 13,000. Thousands of people are believed to be missing/buried in the debris. Nepal Police, Nepal Army, Armed police Force, national and international volunteers have been mobilized in rescue operation and relief package delivery.

A cloud of dust released by the collapsed houses in the hills of Hokse and Palanchoke Bhagvati immediately after the first hit of the earthquake tremor on 25 April 2015 (Photo: G. K. Sangat)

Love Green Nepal along with its partner NGO Love Green Japan has been engaged in situation assessment, casualty survey, relief material delivery and other voluntary works in its project sites – Kavrepalanchok, Sindhupalchok and Makwanpur districts.
We would like to request you to be part of our voluntary mission by extending monetary, material and moral support to us. Please contact us in the following address:

For monetary contribution, please remit your donation to the following bank account:
Account Name: Love Green Nepal
Account Number: 0110013143801 (Saving)
Bank Name: Nabil Bank Limited, Kantipath Branch, Kathmandu
Swift Code: NARBNPKA
Tel: 977-1-4239204 & 4239205

For other purpose, contact us in the following address:

Love Green Nepal
Sainbu, Bhainsepati, Lalitpur
Tel: 977-1-5591377 or 977-1-5592372

Leaders Club Program:

Leaders club program was conducted on January 10, 2015. Total of 25 students were present in the program. The program started with motto chanting and group song singing. The motto is: Let’s Work Together for Humanity, Love and Nature Conservation. The major focus of this month’s program was Goal Setting. The students were sensitized on the importance of having a goal for a successful life and taught them steps of how to set a goal.

The second part of the program was recording of daily routine of the individual students. Accordingly the students were given a format in which they were told to write down daily activities they do from the morning when they wake up to the evening before sleep.

The Leaders Club program was conducted by LGN Executive Director Mr. Gore Kaji Sangat as the Chief Trainer and coordinated by 2 instructors Ms. Sumitra Shrestha and Ms. Yesoda Rai who were former scholarship students and now working as project staff.


photo Report of leaders club program

Volunteer teachers meeting:

Under AWCEF supported project, a total of 10 volunteer teachers are working in 10 public schools in Panchakhal valley. These volunteer teachers are former scholarship students who have completed high school education. Most of volunteer teachers themselves are also students studying undergraduate level in morning colleges.

The main purposes of the volunteer teaching program are to provide the former scholarship students an opportunity to serve the local schools, gain experience of teaching in the schools, and build up confidence and leadership capacity.

Once in a month, on the last Saturday of the month, LGN organizes a meeting with the volunteer teachers. In the meeting, volunteer teachers present their reports of 1 month’s activities in the school and also they bring into discussion the problems they face during their volunteer teaching in the schools.

Total of 10 volunteer teachers participated in the meeting. The meeting the teachers shared their experiences in the form of reporting of the activities carried out in the month. Mr. Sangat, Ms. Sumitra and Ms. Yesoda attended the meeting with the volunteer teachers. Mr. Sangat by listening to their reporting suggested the volunteer teachers the ways to resolve the problems they encountered and gave necessary instructions to improve their voluntary services and motivated them to be the best serving personality in the school.

Name List of Volunteer Teachers Who Attended the Meeting:

S. N.

Name of Volunteer Teachers Name of Schools Assigned


Miss Sita Adhikari Shree Janakalyan Secondary School


Miss Anjana Dahal Shree Gyaneshwori Secondary School


Miss Ina Tamang Shree Mahankal Lower Secondary School


Miss Sangita Nepali Shree Karthari Secondary School


Miss Sunita Shrestha Shree Azad Higher Secondary School


Miss Samjhana Century Shree Bal Prativa Secondary School


Miss Dolma Lama Shree Prabhat Primary School


Miss Sabina Panta Shree Bhakram Devi Secondary School


Miss Anita Shivabhakti Shree Radhakrishna Lower Secondary School


Miss Ganga Dhakal Shree Gyanodya Secondary School


Installation of Electricity Backup System:

Regular electricity outage (popularly known as Load Shedding) has been causing problem in uninterrupted operation of the computers in computer training classes. Under the AWCEF supported project, LGN installed a set of solar electric backup system including a solar panel of 400 watt capacity. After installation of this system, the computer training classes have been running without any power problem. And now, the computer training participants are happy and encouraged to learn more. Thanks to AWCEF and Japan Teachers Association for the generous support provided to LGN.

Conduction of Computer Training Courses:

Basic computer training and diploma level computer training have been started from January 2st 2015. Basic computer training includes general introduction of computer, application packages like MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Picture Manager, Email and Internet. Basic computer training time frame is total of 45 days. Similarly, diploma level computer course consists of software packages like Photoshop, Coral draw, Access, etc. The diploma level course duration is 6 months. Ms. Sumitra Shrestha and Ms. Yasoda Rai are the two computer instructors who teach courses to the students.