LGN Executive Committee Meeting

Monthly LGN Executive Committee Meeting was held on January 05, 2019 Saturday at LGN Head Office, Sainbu, Lalitpur. The members and staff attending the meeting were as follow:


Executive Committee Members:

Ms. Amira Dali                                 – President

Mr. Mahendra Gopal Shrestha  -Vice President

Mr. Rajiv Ratna Shakya                – General Secretary

Ms. Aju Giri                                       – Treasurer

Mr. Keshab Aryal                            – Member

Mr. Shiva Kumar Basnet              – Member

Ms. Neelam Tuladhar                    – Member


Staff Team: 

Mr. Narayan Prasad Gyawali           – Executive Director

Mr. Shekhar Basnet                             – Admin/Account Officer

Meeting Agendas

1. Discussion on ongoing projects and programs’ SWOT Analysis conclusions.

2. Brainstorming on Strategic Plan formulation. 

3. Review of scholarship and memory book release program.

4. Miscellaneous Issues.







JPP Project Staff Meeting:

The monthly meeting of staff team of Environment Friendly Integrated Sustainable Agriculture Development Project carried out under JPP Scheme of JICA held on January 03 , 2019.

The agendas of the meeting were as follow:

1. Presentation of monthly progress of the field activities by the concerned Field Coordinators.

2. Fixing of Work Plan for the month of January 2019.

3. Instructions by LGN Executive Director and Team Leader of the Project for strengthening 0f project operation.



Coordinated by Love Green Nepal (LGN)  and Love Green Japan (LGJ), the Yokohama National University (YNU) conducted follow up visit to the Non-tillage Agriculture with Weed Management  research sites of Kavrepalanchok district, namely: Kavre VDC, Devitar VDC and Bakhreldihi and Anaikot of Panchakhal Municipality on November 19 and 20, 2018 .

Professor Dr. Nobuhiro Kaneko, Research Associates and Mr. Binay Sangat of YNU along with LGN staff members Executive Director Mr. Narayan Geywali, Senior Project Officer (Agriculture) Mr. Ramesh Nath Regmi, IPM Facilitators Mr. Devi Prasad Gautam, Mr. Govinda Pandey, Dipak Ghorsaine, Dip Chandra Budha, and leader farmers engaged in collecting data and other necessary information.

Under the follow up visit, the YNU team consisting of Prof. Dr. Nobuhiro Kaneko and M.Sc. student Binay Sangat visited the above mentioned research sites and collected soil samples. The soil samples will be analyzed in YNU lab.