completed/past projects

Completed Past Projects:
 Panchkhal Valley Deforestation Control and Greenery Development Project
(Panchkhal, Baluwa, Anaikot, Patlekhet and Rabiopi VDCs in Kavre district)

 Sankhu Area Deforestation Control and Greenery Development Project
(Bajrabarahi, Suntole and Pukhulachhi VDCs in Sankhu of Kathmandu district)

 Public Schools Physical Facilities Development Project
(Construction/reconstruction of buildings for 46 Schools in Kavre, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Dadeldhura, Makwanpur, Siraha, Kapilvastu and Sindhupalchok districts)

 Multipurpose Women Center Construction Project
(Construction of 5 Women Community Centers in Panchkhal, Patlekhet and Anaikot VDCs of Kavre)

 Community Health Projects (Kavre and Bhaktapur)
(Construction of Janajagriti Community Health Unit Building and Nangkhel Health Post building, Public health camps in different villages in Kavre)

 Special Tree (Ginkgo biloba & Cherry blossom) Plantation (Around inner boundary of Tundikhel)

 Community Bio-gas Promotion Project.
(Panchkhal, Baluwa, Anaikot, Patlekhet, Kavre and Rabiopi VDCs of Kavre district and BajrabarahiVDC of Makawanpur district

 Community Orchid Conservation and Income Generation Project, Bajrabarahi VDC, Makawanpur.

 High Quality Agro-products Market Promotion and Farm Strengthening Follow up Program, Kathmandu Valley, Kavre and Makwanpur.

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